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Septic Pumping & Repairs
For septic pumping and repairs, our devices locate your tank in the ground, and then our professionals dig it up to repair any damaged or broken parts. After your tank has been pumped, we always thoroughly clean it before re-covering it with sod and soil. Contact us for proven solutions to your septic needs.

Cleaning & Unclogging Drains
When you have clogged drains or pipes depend on us,for fast and affordable solutions. From color TV video cameras to high velocity water jets, we use the latest technology for effective diagnostics, cleaning and repairs. We also snake and clean pipes to completely remove any clogs that are hindering the function of your system.

Grease Trap Maintenace
For our commercial customers, we provide maintenance for grease traps. If you operate a restaurant, commercial kitchen, or institution, call Bluegrass Septic today at (502) 223-2000 to learn more about our cost-effective grease trap maintenance programs.

Portable Restroom Rental
Our quality portable restrooms come in all standard styles and sizes to meet your needs. Portable restrooms are great for special events and anywhere you need temporary restroom facilities. Call us for pricing information.
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